Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software

Chemical Manufacturing ERP SoftwareO2 Chemical ERP software understands the needs of chemical manufacturers are unique and require a great understanding of customer demands, strict quality and regulatory requirements, and Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

Our chemical software is designed as a chemical industry specific process manufacturing software system so you can formulate to multiple specifications including by chemical property.  Whether you produce complete batches, require finished goods to ship before a batch is closed or operate in a "continuous flow" environment, O2 Chemical ERP software can easily facilitate your manufacturing method.

Compliance reporting within O2 Chemical ERP software is designed for the complex demands and federally regulated chemical manufacturing requirements such as MSDS, SARA and HAPS, enabling your organization to quickly and accurately generate compliance reports.

O2 Process Manufacturing ERP Software Logo Low margins and often highly fluctuating material costs make managing profitability a must for chemical manufacturers.  O2 Chemical ERP software offers real-time cost data helping you track costs.  In addition, "what-if" cost-analysis helps make pricing decisions easier and improve your bottom-line with better visibility.

Safety, Compliance & Quality Control

  • Formula Security & Management
  • Cradle to Grave Lot Tracking
  • MSDS & Compliance Reporting

Production, Efficiency & Inventory Management

  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Certificate of Analysis Tracking (C of A)
  • Multiple Unit of Measure Calculations & Batch Sizing
  • Capacity Resource Scheduling
  • Graphical Inventory Dashboards

Costs, Profitability & Customer Satisfaction

  • "What-if" Cost Analysis
  • Sales Forecasting & Inventory Requirements Planning
  • Flexible Customer Pricing